Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day Twelve - Akureyri to Hvammstangi

From September 20, 2010

We spent the morning in Akureyri at a lovely cafe called Bláa Kannan (we spent a lot of time there yesterday, too!) while waiting for our laundry to be washed for us. At noon we were able to pick the laundry up and we headed out of town. Our only stop on this leg of the drive was Glumbaer, another turf-roof house museum. Unfortunately, it is already closed for the season, but it was fun walking around the buildings taking photos.

We arrived in tiny Hvammstangi in the late afternoon and checked into the Hanna Sigga Guesthouse, which is like renting a room in this family's basement. It is very nice and cozy. There are several bedrooms and they are all full -- everyone else staying here is a single guy however. There are two shared bathrooms and a kitchen and sitting area.

We were a bit surprised and dismayed when we went out to find dinner to discover that the only restaurant in town is closed (for the season?). The grocery store was also closed. We thought we were going to be spending a hungry night here but finally came upon the gas station where we were able to have hot dogs and Dr. Pepper (with no HFCS! Wow it tastes good!) The two girls (sisters) who were working at the gas station were really friendly and fun to talk to.

After dinner we came back to the guesthouse to attempt to catch up a bit on this blog! The internet isn't the greatest though, so it's slow going!


We just look out the windows in awe.
Hanna Sigga Guesthouse

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