Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day Ten - Húsavík to Akureyri

From September 18, 2010

This morning we slept in a bit and took extra time getting ready to leave since we were up so late the previous night. We parked in front of Gamli Baukur to use their wi-fi to upload photos from the night before and then stopped at a bakery for a quick breakfast.

Then we headed off to the Myvatn area which we explored for most of the afternoon. Myvatn is very similar to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming with all of the geothermal activity. Lots of steam vents and bubbling hot pots.

For lunch we stopped at a interesting café at a dairy, Vogafjós Café. You can watch the cows being milked as you eat! The cows weren’t being milked while we were there but we were able to go see some baby cows, including one that had just been born the day before! William liked seeing them.

The food was so good – nearly everything was produced right there on the farm. I had a goulash soup and bread that is baked in the ground using the geo-thermal heat and John had meatballs, potatoes and a salad with homemade mozzerella. William had a pancake (he’d been asking for one for days!) We spent quite a bit of time there, looking out the floor to ceiling windows at the green pastures and sheep and the sun shining in. It was completely lovely.

After leaving Myvatn, we headed to Goðafoss – it’s a beautiful waterfall. Back in the year 1000 the law speaker of Iceland made the decision to convert the country from the old Pagan religion to Christianity. After he decided, he threw his pagan idols off the waterfall here, thus the name Goðafoss.

By this time it was getting dark and we drove into the 2nd largest city in Iceland, Akureyri. It’s a lovely little city! We had dinner at Strikið which is on the top floor of a tall building with a pretty view of the city. I had a very tasty asparagus soup. John and Will got some ice cream on our way back to the hotel and then it was to bed for us!

Hot pots at Myvatn.

Dairy cafe. Doesn't look like much from the outside, but
the inside was fantastic.

Godafoss! Another favorite fall.

Church in Akureyri.

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