Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day Thirteen - Hvammstangi to Ísafjörður

From September 21, 2010

After a hilarious breakfast of hot dogs (seriously, there is nothing out here!), we started our drive to Ísafjörður. Today was our longest drive of our trip.

The drive was mostly winding around several fjords and tiny roads right next to the water. It was beautiful and a very nice day, though there weren't many opportunities to stop anywhere.

For lunch at around 3, we came across the only hotel restaurant/hotel for a hundred kilometers where we had some not very good food and then continued on our way.

We also tried to go to the Drangajokull glacier but were again thwarted, even in our 4x4, treacherous road conditions (or in this case, no road). Still a great adventure!

We arrived in IÍsafjörður around 6pm and checked in to the Gamla Guesthouse. It is very sweet. All white room with a pitched roof and IKEA furniture. It's lovely (sorry for the overuse of this word! But it really is!)

For dinner we walked over to the main shopping area (about 3 minutes away) and had sort of fast food Thai food. It was nice to have some variety after several days of nearly the same 3-4 things. We also stopped at the grocery store to pick up some snacks in case we get stuck with no food again in the next couple days.

Then it was to bed for us!

Trying to decide whether or not to press on...


Gorgeous Isafjardar.

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