Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day Four - Reykjavik to Hella

Well, today was a not so good day, for me. I got pretty sick and it wiped out our day's plans. Luckily, we have an extra day at the end of our trip that we can use to make up what we weren't able to do.

The day was spent in bed (me) and getting our rental 4x4 (John and Will). We then drove to Hella where we stayed in the beautiful Hotel Ranga, an amazing 4 star hotel. I got to have a super hot bath in the huge bathtub in our room and ate harvest soup -- my first food of the day -- at the restaurant. And let me tell you, that soup was incredible.

Here are just a few photos that we took on our drive today.

Art and sculpture garden in Hveragerði.

Our hotel in Hella - Hotel Ranga.

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Lisa said...

How did you get sick on vacation? That is so terrible!